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Palanok Castle: from battle to battle

Transcarpathia is decorated with many wonderful architectural monuments dating back to dark medieval times. Luxurious castles of varying degrees of preservation here and there adorn the green hillsides, watching the changing life around under the chime of wooden bells. Once the inhabitants of this country, passing from hand to hand and subjected to frequent raids, felt safe only under the protection of their strongholds. One of the most impregnable strongholds was Palanok Castle, located near the city of Mukachevo. The fortress was built on the low cone of a former volcano among a vast plain. This advantageous position has never allowed enemies to take it by force.
For almost eight centuries Palanok served as a military fortification. During this time, he turned into an autonomous city with a palace, many dwellings and a well, the water in which is still splashing at a depth of breathtaking. The history of the construction of the castle and the fate of its owners are so intertwined with legends that it is impossible to separate them. The bronze figure of the Hungarian prince Koryatovich meets the guests, arrogantly extending his hand. It was he who became the first builder who in the 14th century turned a simple wooden fortification into a mythical stronghold. The depth of the legendary well dug at Koryatovich reaches 83 meters, which is 23 meters deeper than the base of the hill on which the castle stands. Powerful towers and a moat with palanches - with stakes crown the great construction site of Koryatovich.
But the main character, whose name Palanok is associated with, is Ilona Zrinyi, the heiress of noble Croat families. The castle was inherited by her along with the endless sieges of the Austrians. Leaving women's weaknesses, Ilona studied military affairs and personally led the garrison of the fortress. Only by fraud did the Austrians manage to take the citadel.
Recently, a bronze sculpture depicting Ilona Zrigny and her son was installed on one of the walls of the castle. From this place you can see the lands of Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, which are associated with the centuries-old history of the Mukachevo stronghold. Among the powerful walls, sometimes reaching a thickness of 18 meters, prison cells and harsh weapons halls, an idle conversation involuntarily subsides. Visitors seem to hear the mournful voices and groans of nameless builders who erected this beautiful monument with hard work. Their driving force may never fully fit into the minds of people who did not know the time when war was an ordinary thing. Now you can download instagram stories and highlights: dis.im

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