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Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov, is a realistic first-person shooter, from the Russian Battlestate Games that came out as a closed alpha in 2016, currently in an open beta phase. The game is about escaping from Tarkov, and that happens in the world, with both NPCs and other players, raiding, and lots of lots.

It's all in the details.

The goal sounds simple: Choose a leaflet, reach the extraction point and survive. If you succeed, you'll keep all the lots you collected in that game session. You can then use that lottery to improve your equipment and weapons before diving into a game again, or to sell for in-game money.

The special feature of this Russian game is that you don 't always work with the same character. There are three different characters in the game. First, there is the PMC, which is the main character of each player. All the loot you take with you, including as other characters, you can use for the PMC so that you start a game well-rested. Scavengers will shoot you if you're seen, including AI scavs.

In addition to PMCs, there are Scavengers (scavs), some of which are controlled by the players, and the rest of which are controlled by the AI. Scavs do what scavs do, dump. Play as a scavenger means that you start a game with any equipment and use all the lots you bring before you can use PMC. The AI won't attack you unless you shoot first.

Looter shooter with drops
What really separate the game from other battle royale - like games is the tempo and the draw. The lute system in particular is very deep and thorough. So you can't just put a sight on your weapons without having-the-required-rail-cover-and-you need the right ammunition to fire your weapon.

In addition to accessories for your weapons, there are painkillers, bands and other medical supplies that help you take care of wounds and the like. To put it simply, Escape From Tarkov is a cross between PUBG and Arma 3, a tactical battle royale game.

How come all of a sudden, there's so much attention to a game that's been out for three years?
Recently, the developer brought Twitch Drops to the game, rewards for views of Escape from Tarkov streams. But That's not very special in itself, but for the Escape From Tarkov, it means that users sometimes get items worth thousands and sometimes millions of roubles on The EFT money. As a result, the sponsored streams were well watched by both newcomers and players who have been playing for a long time.

Much to learn
Escape From Tarkov has a lot of systems in the game. The dumping is one in itself, but there is also much to discover out there. That way, you have several possibilities tojust and fire your weapon. For example, blind and shooting from behind a wall, it is possible to make, and you really don't see anything, or the button with which you take a look at your magazine to see how many bullets you have left. There is no HUD, and without opening your menu, you get little information about your life points, or weapon.

Characters have a health bar per body part so one per leg, arm, the torso is divided into a abdomen and torso and finally the head. When you're shot in the leg, you'll run less smooth, and if you get hurt badly, you'll have to spend to your wounds quickly before you bleed to death.

Escape From Tarkov is therefore extremely realistic with very deep gameplay. You'll have to play the game for quite a few hours to master it, but the fans are willing to stick the hours in because the game has a huge hype and dominates Twitch.

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