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Сон Дунг.

All our ancestors lived in caves. And we in comfortable conditions have long forgotten about our origin, each of us knows about the largest Son Dung cave in Vietnam or the glass-bottom dungeon in Chile. However, one does not have to travel far to see all this beauty. On the territory of Ukraine of the Ternopil region, near the village of Korolevka, there is the largest gypsum cave on the Optimistic Continent. The total length of the passages of which is 260 km, but the territory of the dungeon still continues to be explored.
Such an optimistic name for the cave was given by researchers in 1965, due to the constant opening of new tunnels. The labyrinths of the cave are very complex, so for a NOT inexperienced tourist, this trip may not end optimistically.
Within the cave there are 10 districts, each of which is different in its features, structure. The bottom of the maze is covered with clay or clumps of gypsum.
Optimistic is a complex and intricate system of passages, tunnels and galleries that differ in shape, size and material. When you travel through its quaint corridors, it is hard to imagine that they were created more than 14 million years ago. The process of creating stalactites, caves and stalagmites continues today.
The karst base of the Optimistic Cave is explained by the fact that there used to be a shallow sea at the site of its formation, which left tectonic plates covered with readily soluble gypsum.
Moving for millions of years under the influence of natural factors, tectonic plates formed voids and invasions, later formed into a magnificent dungeon.
The Optimistic Cave begins with an unsightly tunnel with gray plaster walls. However, this is only the first impression: once in a dungeon, a person finds himself in the realm of crystals that sparkle and flicker in mysterious darkness. The further you advance into the cave, the incredible formations open to the eye: multi-story Gothic-style passages and purple transparent crystals hanging from the ceiling and reach a meter in length.
So, at a depth of 20 meters you can feel the atmosphere of the sea coast.
In its structure and "Optimistic" has no analogues on the entire earth's surface.
It is hard to imagine how many mysteries of history are fraught with the second largest gypsum cave in the world. And how many tunnels still hidden from prying eyes should paleontologists open in the future.
Since the discovery, more than 170 expeditions have already been conducted in the cave, in which domestic and foreign research teams took part. During the study, the so-called underground camps were created, which are already about 15. The largest camp "Oasis", which can provide comfortable accommodation for almost 50 people. Follow up. If you loved this short article and you would certainly like to receive additional information pertaining to Login 4MyHR kindly see our own web page

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