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Walkthrough Call of Duty 2 - Winter War: Tanks

At the other end of this street there is a machine gun post. It would be better and get closer. Throw a couple of grenades there to get rid of enemy soldiers. You can also use smoke grenades, especially when you run between shelters. After you take care of the enemy forces, repair the third part of the telephone wire.

Now you should go to the nearest building. Beware, because there are many enemy soldiers). You have two options - you can donate a couple of grenades or wait for the other team members and storm this place together. Be sure to check all the rooms. Some Nazis may hide behind drawers and home appliances. Do not forget to use all possible shelters.

Exit the building. You have to be very careful because there are additional enemy soldiers nearby. The Nazis hide mostly in the ruins of destroyed buildings. Be sure to check all floors, including the highest. One of the enemy soldiers will try to smash you with a closet. Kill him.

Now you can use the stairs. They will be on your right. In this case, you must also turn around and start shooting at enemy soldiers. If you're lucky, they won’t even get to the nearest shelter. Now you can take care of the telephone wire. There are two more places to look.

Now you can go to the first floor. Here you will find additional units. It would be advisable to throw at least two grenades on the destroyed roof. Here is the MG-42. Use it. Start shooting at German soldiers. In a couple of seconds, allied units will appear. DO NOT shoot them! Instead, help them rid themselves of enemy forces.

After you deal with enemy soldiers, leave the MG-42 and turn around. Repair the next part of the telephone wire. Keep moving forward. You must choose the left path. This leads to unexplored areas of the map. You should go to a small bridge made of wooden planks. Use it to switch sides. Be sure to restart your current weapon.

You will be attacked by a small group of enemy soldiers. They hide behind sandbags. Move left to get the best shot and avoid most attacks. Turn left and clean all adjacent rooms.

Keep moving forward. Kill everything that stands in your way. Remember that you should not be in a hurry. It would be better to check your surroundings. You must reach the new staircase leading to the basement. Start moving forward. Kill the enemies who tried to get around you. Watch energetic and full of life teens +18 get naked on cam! Kinky young girls look to explore their sexuality with you. Everyone accessing this site must be at least 18 years of age OR the age of majority in each and live sex Join us now! Thousands of Users Online. 8000+ Girls Online. Cam-To-Cam Chat. Chat With Friendly Girls. 10000+ Live Cam Girls.

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