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Evil Within 2 Tips - Chapter 5: The Boss - Obscura

The enemy stops the mechanism every few seconds.

The battle does not begin immediately. You must first activate the mechanism that is in front of the entrance. This causes a rather long scene. After that, the boss will appear. This battle is different from the battle with the Sentinel - you cannot kill this enemy (and this is not the main thing). A timer with a limit of 90 seconds is now displayed on the screen - the battle ends when the time runs out. The enemy will interrupt you by stopping time. When this happens, you just have to attack the enemy several times with any weapon - this stuns the enemy, and the timer can continue the countdown.

When the timer reaches half the time, the enemy will begin to crawl along the ceiling.

Attack him. After that, the boss will be chased - run away from him and hide behind the columns. After a few seconds, the enemy will stop the timer again. Stun him. You must repeat the whole process until the timer reaches its end. However, you must remember that the enemy changes his tactics when the timer is halved - instead of running on the ground, he will begin to crawl along the ceiling. This means that finding it is much more difficult. Do not spend too many rounds on him - this enemy cannot be killed, no matter how many times you hit him. The enemy disappears when the time limit reaches 0. This ends the battle.

Leave City Hall

The last few “collectibles” are clearly visible and hard to miss.
Go through the double doors. Now you must carefully inspect the entire building, as you have access to places that were previously inaccessible. You can collect many things - cartridges and medical items. On the floor you can find the files [Report No. 00213: Social Security Union] and the Key that is on the first floor (as always, they are inside the small figure that you must destroy) and other Files [Report No. 00977: Urgent structural problems. All items are clearly visible, so you will not have problems finding them. After that you can go outside. This begins another scene that ends the fifth chapter.

A jar of red gel is standing near the mirror.

You are in a new safe home. Drink coffee to restore health, save your game, and you can use a mirror in a small room to get to Sebastian's office - there you can use your Green Gel to improve your character and replenish ammunition. On the table with a mirror, you can also find a jar of red gel (use it to improve your character - more in the chapter on the mechanics of the game) and a medical syringe. Climb the stairs and go through the door to go outside again. Run a little along the road and watch the episode that ends in chapter 4. https://www.buydnponline.cc/

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