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The advantages of partition systems

Partitions Mobile Lux is an ideal solution for planning and zoning the space for offices, halls in public institutions, office centers, exhibition halls, shopping malls and industrial premises.
Advantages of universal partition systems:
• The ability to assemble the partition frame in place, in individual dimensions, close to walls, drywall, concrete, plastic panels, suspended ceilings, regardless of the level of the bearing surface.
• Bypass any obstacle (columns, skirting boards, baskets).
• Installation of partitions of small height without mounting to the ceiling, without losing structural stability due to the width of the profile 100 mm.
• A wide selection of colors for filling deaf parts. The choice of the Durafort coating color does not affect the cost.
• Options for the combination of glass and deaf sections, use: tinted; frosted glass; jalousie; roller shutter; windows; doors.
• A variety of color schemes (painting of an aluminum profile according to the RAL catalog).
• Excellent soundproofing.
• High speed redevelopment.
• The width of the front side of the cross section is unchanged - 34 mm, so the glass clearance is greater.
• Max height - 5 meters, due to stability. Stability is achieved due to the thickness of the profile 100mm due to the fact that the partitions are integral.
• Installation dry: without foam, dust, dirt (using dowels, screws).
• Elegant design.
• Convenience in operation and transportation.
• System of concealed cable laying, installation of sockets, switches, etc., with subsequent access.
The basic colors of the aluminum profile used in universal partition systems: white, light gray. It is also possible to paint the aluminum profile in any color according to the RAL catalog.
Depending on the configuration, the partitions can be divided into all-glass, combination and deaf. The frame in any of the options consists of aluminum and steel profiles, but glass, gypsum plasterboard with Durafort vinyl coating can be used as filling.
It is possible to install horizontal blinds between the windows with double glazing, the control is brought out using a flexible cable and is controlled by a hidden mechanism. Thus creating a confidential comfortable room. Advantages: blinds are not subject to deformation, pollution, an esthetic look.
One of the options for universal partitions is - Sanitary partitions, designed to create modern toilet rooms in public places: offices, cinemas, shopping centers, bus and train stations, etc. They are attached only to the walls. Filling - laminated particleboard 16mm. There are lots of different extraction devices, from hand tools to stainless steel appliances. Check our guide for the Best Honey Extractor reviews from Gardenim . Our machines made from excellent, food grade acid-proof stainless steel guarantee the collection of honey of top quality and high purity in the containers! Offering honey extractors for everyone from the hobbyist to the serious sideliner beekeepers.

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