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Preparations # 21

2. Levothyroxine, potassium iodide: Jodthyrox

3. Potassium iodide: antistramine, Iodide 200

4. Thyroidin: Thyreoidea siccata

II. Thyrostatics:

1. Propylthiouracil: propicyl

2. Tiamazole: metizol, tyrosol.

Hormones of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and their analogues.

1. Desmopressin: Adiuretin-SD

2. Follitropin alpha: Gonal F 75 UI, Gonal F 150 UI

3. Beta follitropin: Puregon

4. Menotropins: Humegon, Menogon

5. Nafarelin: Synarel

6. Octreotide: Sandostatin, Sandostatin LAR

7. Oxytocin: Oxytocin

8. Prolactin

9. Somatostatin: Somatostatin USB

10. Somatropin: Genotropin, Humatrop, Norditropin NordiLet, Norditropin PenSett

11. Terlipressin: Remestip

12. Tetracosactide: Cortrosine

13. Thyrotrophin: Thyrotropin

14. Metreotropin, thyrotropin.

Means that affect the intermediate exchange.

Antihypoglycemic agents.

1. Glucagon: GlucaGen HypoKit.

Security measures.

I. Anorexigenic agents with peripheral action:

1. Algigracil

II. Anorexigenic agents that excite the center of saturation:

1. Mazindol: Mazindol

2. Sibutramine: Reductyl

III. Gastric and intestinal lipase inhibitors:

1. Orlistat: Xenical.

Agents against gout.

I. Means for the treatment of gout attacks:

1. Colchicine: Colchicum dispert

II. Remedies for gout:

Uricostatic agents:

1. Allopurinol: Milurit

Uricosuric agents:

1. Benzbromarone: Desuric

2. Sulfinpyrazone: Antoran


1. piperazine, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid: piperazine

2. Soluran

3. Uridan.

Insulin preparations.

I. Human quick-acting insulins and their analogues:

1. Insulin Human Actrapid: Actrapid XM, Krapid XM Novolet, Actrapid XM Penfill, Actrapid MS, Insuman Rapid, Insuman Rapid for OptiPen, Insuman Rapid, OptiSet, Humulin R, Humulin R, Humaid

2. Insulin Lispro: Humalog

3. Insulin aspart: NovoRapid Penfill

II. Fast-acting intermediate insulins and their analogues:

1. Humalog Mix: Humalog Mix 25, Humalog Mix 50

2. Humulin M: Humulin M2, Humulin M3, Humulin M3 Humaject

3. Insuman: Insuman Basalm for OptiPen, Insuman Basalt for OptiSet, Insuman Comb 25 for OptiPen, Insuman 25 for OptiSet

4. Insulin Actraphane HM

5. Aspart Insulin Blend: NovoMix 30 FlexPen, NovoMix 30 Penfill

6. Mixtard: Mixtard 30 HM, Mixtard 40 HM, Mixtard 30 InnoLet, Mixtard 10 HM NovoLet, Mixtard 20 HM NovoLet, Mixtard 30 HM NovoLet, Mixtard 40 HM NovoLet, Mixtard 50 HM NovoLet, Mixtard 10 HM Penfill, Mixtard 20 , Mixtard 40 HM Penfill, Mixtard 50 HM Penfill

7. Monotard: Monotard HM New online Casino Casino large selection of slot machines

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