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Notes on nature, hunting and hunters # 102

* * *

Ivan Oprishko, an employee of the Lokhvitsky Instrument-Making Plant, Poltava Region, tracked the wolves for several months. A few tens of kilometers in the forest and swamps came a young hunter from his days off. Finally he managed to discover a wolf den, in which he took four wolf cubs.

The future profession of Ivan Opryshko is closely related to his favorite type of vacation - hunting. He is in absentia in his second year at the Department of Hunting at the Irkutsk Agricultural Institute.

* * *

They prepared thoroughly for the hunt: they examined personal vehicles (two Pobeda cars, three motorcycles); painted five aluminum boats. Gunpowder and shot were taken. Do not forget to grab containers for salting game, and to collect feathers and fluff bags and mattresses. Stocked up with the necessary hunting documents and holiday certificates. Took 6 decoy ducks. A cook and salting specialist were invited. In general - a solid expedition.

This powerful team of “meat procurers” included: Anatoly A. Kiselev, head of the supply department of the Kurgan meat processing plant, Mikhail Nikolayevich Vink, master of the mechanical workshop of the meat processing plant, Anatoly Petrovich Tomilov, head of the labor and salary department of the meat processing plant. the driver of the meat-packing plant Ivan Sevosgyanovich Aleksandrov and the driver of the Kurgan car fleet No. 4 Vladimir Zverolovlov.

On September 24, 1961, the brigade arrived on Lake Shushkaly, Kustanai region. Virgin land. In the first ten days, A. Kiselev, with his own team, by their own calculation, far understated, destroyed 412 ducks, ten times the rate of shooting for one hunt. Howl caused damage to the hunting fund of Kazakhstan in the amount of 1810 rubles.

Thanks to the vigilance of the hunting community, Kustan poachers were detained. Predators of natural wealth have been sued for damages to the hunting industry.

* * *

We protect the fauna

In our area, in the best lands rich in lakes and thickets (at the mouth of the Don), a reserve has been created for three years. In addition, in the jaeger plot "Big Forest" hunting is permitted only on the shooting lists. We, hunters, welcome such measures and go hunting in this forest only collectively.

Last year, every hunter worked for at least four in the afternoon at our hunting farm. We build feeders for feeding animals, we import hay. On 20 hectares we will organize feeding with partridge millet in their habitats. Some hunters and iodine students led by the director of the Chibisov seven-year school of hunter T. D. Chistyakov made the simplest nests for wild ducks. We advise all hunters to take up this matter in order to truly fight for the further development and enrichment of the fauna. Omegle Videos Porn Collection

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