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How to care for rattan furniture?

To keep rattan furniture in good condition, it should be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. Use a dry cloth to clean the furniture from dust or, even better, use a vacuum cleaner to draw out all the dust that is hidden in between.

Every three months it is recommended to carry out a more in-depth cleaning with water, a sponge and a little homemade trick: dilute two tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of warm water and use this mixture.

For varnished rattan furniture, use a different method and a different home recipe: add half a glass of flaxseed oil and a tablespoon of turpentine to a liter of water. Then rinse and dry.
How to bring shine? [/ B]
Often rattan furniture dims. Fortunately, there are tricks to revitalize the shine.
Mix a liter of cold water with 4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Then apply this mixture to your furniture.
Rinse and dry: the furniture will acquire the originality of past times!

[b] Note [/ b]
If your rattan chair began to creak under you, then its fibers became too dry. Solution: Use a regular brush to apply paraffin oil to the furniture joints.

[b] How to repaint? [/ b]
If you want to restore the furniture and refresh it a bit, just repaint it. And, if the selected furniture is intended for a terrace or garden, you can safely apply bright colors: green, blue or pink.

To color correctly:
clean the furniture from dust;
apply a primer to make the paint better;
use special paint for wooden coatings;
paint the furniture in two layers so that the surface is smooth and well protected.

[b] Note [/ b]
If you want to exclude the primer stage, be aware that there are paints that do not require prior application of the primer. In addition, you can gain even more time using a spray gun.

[b] How to varnish it? [/ b]
Rattan furniture requires a lot of care, as it is sensitive to sunlight and moisture. It is important to maintain and protect it.
Flaxseed oil or paints have protective properties, but the most effective method is the use of transparent varnish, which protects the original color of the material.
To do this, use a flat brush to not leave a single corner.
There are varnishes in the form of an aerosol can, which is very practical for covering the entire area of ​​furniture.
You can choose a varnish with a matte or satin shiny shade. online casino real money nz

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