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It’s hard for me to agree with the director when he prefers to create his “literary counterparts” to express his personal view of the world. Especially if he owns a pen; Danelia sensitively hears lively voices, knows how to convey the characteristic of speech. And he describes the situation accurately. But, apparently, the exactingness to the quality of the literary basis wins. And in the name of this, there is some compromise. It seems, however, that at the same time, the personality of the director dominates over everything. He selects very different authors as allies: Vera Panova and Viktor Konetsky, Claude Tillier or Mark Twain (I mean the film version of Huckleberry Finn that has not yet been implemented). The proverb says: "say who your friend is, and I will say who you are." One way to determine more precisely the essence of the creative personality of George Danelia is to find out his cinematic and human predilections.

- The first to be called Mikhail Ilyich Romm, my teacher, a close person. For me, his creative and personal charm is one whole ... In general, the master does not always teach only with his paintings. I heard only once a lecture by Alexander Petrovich Dovzhenko, but I remembered him forever. As a person, Mikhail Edisherovich Chiaureli had a great influence on me and my work, especially on the film “Do not Cry!” I often recall his oral stories and regret that this wealth is wasted in vain, not recorded by anyone. His stories about the bazaar near which he grew up, about his father and mother, about his eventful life ... As for the films, I recently watched Barnet's “Outskirts” on television, and she made a stunning impression on me. I would say much more than some films from our classics.

- Everyone is talking about the Outskirts. Apparently, at one time Barnet anticipated the cinema of distant, subsequent years. And then, against the backdrop of the montage-pictorial cinema of the late 1920s, when large-scale decisions dominated, when the pictorial beginning excelled and the actor competed with the “type”, the world of “Outskirts” with its subtle psychologism, leisurely peering into human destinies could seem chamber. It seems to me that the secret of the current popularity of Outskirts is explained approximately as follows: “When it is done, but as if today”. Is not it?

“Perhaps so.” In general, in the cinema, mods can change, appear, disappear ... Only a little remains. If there are true characters and feelings, it remains and does not age. Everything else is getting old - any tricks ... And Godard is getting old, and "Hiroshima" Alena Rene is getting old. But, in my opinion, “Viva, Villa!” And “Chapaev”, “Dowry” and “Under the Roofs of Paris” will never fade. With all the difference of these films, they have passion, deep humanity. Therefore, the "Road" Fellini will never grow old. But I won’t say this about the “Sweet Life”. And “8 1/2”, of course, is an eternal film, although for the most part we do not understand the picture.

They began to imitate, without heeding the meaning, and took seriously what the author himself did not take seriously. In the picture, the author is ironic at himself, sometimes scoffs, and this is the most beautiful. The main thing in it is emotions, attitude to life. But the form - memories or dreams, etc. - is not the main thing ...

“Form is not the main thing ...” We have long perceived everyday this axiom. And sometimes, it seems to me, we even forget that the content will never appear when we ignore the form. That is why I did not expect to hear such a categorical statement from the lips of the director. Especially the director who is finely versed in the form. But here - I understand - my interlocutor brings polemic excitement. He knows no worse than me how subtle the relationship of form and essence is in creativity, how often considerations that seem to be formal give a starting impetus to the movement of thought. Or, let’s say, how the form gives the very “little bit” without which the essence is, perhaps, as clear as an orange, but no more than that: that is, pale and unemotional. $5 minimum deposit casino

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