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Walkthrough Murdered: Soul Suspect - Chapter 5: A Witness Who Lived a Meeting with Killer No. 2

You mark the schedule, on the table, no problem.

Look at the photo of the boy on the table on the left. You will get a hint: a picture of a boy. You now have four clues needed to complete the investigation. Get a registrar and choose: influence. Your task is to choose the key that will help the woman help Joy. Point to: Photo of a boy. You will receive another key to business at the reception: “Beloved”. Then you complete the task: Find out what the administrator cares about. Another major mission will begin.

"Find the room number Iris"
You need to find out where Iris is. This mission will become available after you convince the woman in the reception to help Joy. Take possession of it again and choose: peek. On the computer screen, you need to select information that will help you find out where Iris is. Click on this piece of information, at the top, with room number 216. You will receive a hint: Location Iris, for the affairs of the Registrar Office.

First, the woman refuses to let Joy go.
You already have all the keys to business at the reception office. You will complete the Find Iris Room Number business. Another major mission will begin.

"Get to room 216 in the high security ward."
Your task is to get to the Iris room. This mission becomes available after you determine the number of the room where the witness is located. Together with Joy, go up to the upper level and go to the ajar door with a sign: Women Ward. Enter the first room and grab the camera (Poltergeist). Thus, you turn off the camera. Enter the semicircular corridor and go to the door at the end. In the same way, take care of the electronic door lock. The door will open for a moment. You have to turn off the camera behind him, quickly. Past the decorated sign: Welcome to Aeterna Suite there is a TV. Take control of this to distract the guard, go left and quickly turn off the next camera under the chest of drawers. With the girl, get to the demon Gu, who is blocking the way.

Without Joy's help, you cannot continue

Take control of your companion and, as soon as she passes through the trap, stop owning. You are now in a semicircular corridor. Enter through the door, which is ajar at the end. The main mission “Get to room 216 in the high security ward” will be completed. Another major mission will begin.

Go around the Ghost Wall

Unfortunately, the ghost wall is blocking your passage to the Women's Department. You need to find another way. This mission becomes available after you pass the door at the end of the corridor past the demon slime. Look carefully at the locked door and the one on the left. Many of us are asking, what web hosting to choose website. Today we want to share a good service where you can choose web hosting for any parameters. Go to this page , and use the filter to search for web hosting.

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