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Travel to Odessa. Part three

You can go back to the city by funicular. It is quite old. The rise on it takes only one minute and a few seconds. But for fun, you can try. Moreover, to rise - not to go down. Returning to Seaside Boulevard, go between two identical houses to the monument to the founders of Odessa. Katerina stands on a pedestal, surrounded by the figures who founded the city.

Now you can return back to Primorsky Boulevard. Follow to the end of the alleys. Here turn left into the Vorontsovsky lane. Follow the alley across the road from the red house. On the pavement you will see a black dot target. Turn around and look at the house. Oh no, it's flat! A flat house is a landmark of Odessa, which not all Odessa residents know about. They say that during the construction of the house the brick ended, and they made not four walls, but three.

Returning back to Primorsky you will run into the Vorontsov Palace. There is a beautiful arch, lions on the stairs. The beginning of the Mother-in-bridge. Newlyweds come here to hang locks from their happiness. The bridge, by the way, is staggering, so do not be alarmed when crossing through it. Having crossed the bridge, you will come to Zhvanetsky Boulevard. There you will see another of the monuments - the monument to Orange. According to legend, Emperor Paul was angry at Odessa and stopped financing its construction. Then the residents sent him 3,000 Greek oranges as a gift. The emperor received them, and transferred 25,000 carbovans to the development of the city. So the orange saved the city!

Returning from Zhvanetsky Boulevard, turn right onto Gogol Street. The very first house on this street is the Shah Palace. The house is made in some simple style. At first glance it is difficult to say that it belonged to the shahs. Across the street from the palace is another famous house - a house with Atlantes. The Atlanteans keep on their backs a whole corner of the house. Beautiful and majestic.

Follow Gogol Street to Langeronovskaya. Do not be afraid of numerous construction projects, Odessa is being restored and growing. Lanzheronovskaya street originates in the City Garden. You should be hungry by now. I recommend turning left. Here you will immediately see the cafe Kumanets, Pizzeria and several other establishments. Pizzeria is the place to go. There are all local, which means diplomatic prices and fresh products. The only danger - there may be no places. The food here is excellent, but the interior! Macaroni, chili peppers, garlic, tomatoes, copper utensils, ceramic figurines. All this on shelves, on lockers, in niches. A specialist worked on the design. Free stocks APIs for trading https://twelvedata.com/ Real-time and Historical data

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