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A smart way to advance on your jewellery business using Instagram

Being in the jewellery business, means that you can earn a lot of money. But for that, it’s also very important to be an established jeweller in the market. Now, for becoming an established jeweller, what is that you must do, in order to gain popularity?
Well certainly, the answer is, that you will have to get more Instagram customers to your offline or online shop. Having an offline shop located in some part of the city would mean that you would have to do some offline marketing, in order to bring customers to your shop to buy more from you. Boards, hoardings and even newspaper advertisements can be a good way to get more customers.
On the other hand, if you are handling an online business, then it means that you will have to promote your jewellery online. Doing it online can be a headache if you are not using the proper resources. But if you are using the proper sources, then your jewellery would reach out to a lot of wardrobes!
Let’s have a look at it.

Selling Jewellery Socially!

Moving out to digital marketing platforms, for promoting your precious and well carved jewellery items, can be a good idea. Social media platforms are not just for sharing your personal photos, and the snaps captured while you are travelling.
If you have been living with the myth that social media is limited to those things only, then I am saddened to say that you have been living under the wrong roof! Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., provide the users with a lot of options, that you can help you in setting up a business profile.
We can move ahead with the example of Instagram.
Let’s discuss a situation where you are working as a trader of precious jewellery, and that you have entered Instagram with the purpose of promoting your jewellery in front of the people. What would you do in such a situation, and that too with a mindset of boosting your sales and taking your business to the next level?
We will have a brief discussion of the same.

Instagram and your Jewellery!

Instagram is a platform which allows you to post high quality photos as well as videos of anything you’d want. And that’s where you have an edge over others. You can definitely post high quality photos and videos of your jewellery window-shop!
If you are a manufacturer, then you may also share the videos of manufacturing any important and precious jewellery item, which the users will be fascinated to see. Generally, the customers only get to see the end product, and they are happy to use it in their lives.
Just for an instance, if you share the video of manufacturing one of your bestseller jewellery items, the customers can like it and show their support, by liking, commenting or even following the page.
Some close-up macro shots from a DSLR of some of the precious diamonds, embedded over a ring or even some necklace, can do the trick for you as well as your page. And just in the same way, you can click many more images and share them over your Instagram page, on a regular basis.
Other than that, you can also link your webpage to your Instagram web page. Another great idea would be to list all the jewellery items on your Instagram page, in order to spread the word about them.
The followers count will gradually increase as you’d initiate the whole marketing plan, and then they will also learn about your page and the work you do. And Instagram can further be used to share the terms and conditions of your business, and how a customer can enter a contract with you. The number of followers your Instagram page has means much for your audience: the more followers you have, the more trustful and popular your page is - this number speaks about your brand by itself. So, it’s highly recommended to find good suppliers of digital marketing services and buy real Instagram followers  One thing you have to be sure of is if you’re buying real fans, not bots or some cheap boost. Remember, buying real followers would interact with your page and bring you to the next level of activity, while getting bots would not.
Availability of Jewellery items, etc., can also be shared through Instagram stories, etc. Giveaway contests, or even sales and offers can be shared through stories. Once you get going, you can also look for brand collaborations, and hiring influencers for paid advertisements, etc.
All of this will help you in boosting your jewellery business, through Instagram.

In the end, we get to know that Instagram is not just a photo sharing, ordinary application, which you can use for sharing photos of your life. But if you work smartly, then you can also set up your jewellery, or any business, through it.
It’s just that you will have to analyse and exploit every option which is available over it!

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