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Tanning Time & Clock # 2

Tanning time

It is necessary to calculate the time during which it is worth sunbathing. For starters, it can be 10-15 minutes. Over time, you can increase the tanning time by 3-6 minutes, bringing it to the mark of 2 hours. This time is recommended for sunbathing and crossing this line is highly undesirable.


Great effect on getting a tan has water. It is proved that being in the vicinity of water or directly in a pond, tanning is faster. This is due to the reflection of sunlight by water and the enhancement of their effect. Therefore, after water procedures, it is best to wipe the skin with a towel, because otherwise the water droplets will act like lenses, greatly enhancing solar radiation.

It must also be remembered that sand, like water, enhances the intensity of the sun, which can lead to sunburn. Never forget that the body also tans in the shade. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the skin with cotton skirts and blouses or just buy yourself a pareo. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid the sun altogether and sunbathe in the shade. The body will receive 65% of the sun's rays, which will give a soft tan.

Never forget about safety. When collecting at the beach, you must bring along drinking water and a headdress. Sunstroke and dehydration are not the best result of relaxation.


If you want to go to the beach, it is recommended not to use any cosmetics, soap, lotions and other hygiene products. Soap degreases the skin, thereby contributing to the destruction of the protective coating. Lotions and various perfumes make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light. Thus, the result can be as an allergy, itching and persistent brown tanning spots. You need to pay close attention to food. It is worth giving up food containing chemicals.

These are primarily dyes and preservatives. Separately, it is worth mentioning the tan topless. For such a tan, you need to have a fairly good health. At the slightest doubt, it is best to consult a doctor. However, there are general contraindications. Topless women over 25 years old should not sunbathe. Also, if a lady has hormonal imbalances in the body or if a woman has poor female heredity.

Many people need to sunbathe carefully and even if possible to abandon this pleasure. This may concern the presence of allergies or a large number of moles on the body. joker123

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