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The author of the tape "Home" about the film

In the same States, he does one scene very seriously. They have coverage, which then allows you to build a story as you like. And we basically have one or two options for how this can be done. If one of the two does not work, then it’s rubbish. We work in very low-waste industries.

I read that you and Akhtem Seitablaev cooperated very well. But still: was it difficult for you to find a common language and are you satisfied with everything? There is an opinion that he does not reach the strict biblical father a little.

It was comfortable and easy to work with Ahtem, because for him it was important. He played a role that suited him. I had doubts about his participation, but they all disappeared after the trial.

Ahtem created the hero softer than I thought, but this is not bad. When we did the editing, in the first version we tried to make the character more rigid, and then we realized that we still need to slow down the pace. I regulated it, but the vision was Ahtema. He was not guided by the experience of raising his own children, but remembered his father and tried to interpret his image, interpret their relationship for work in the film.

At the editing I saw that I forgot some scenes at the stage of shooting. Amazed at what is happening in one frame, I forgot that we still have an hour and a half on one side and an hour and a half on the other. This is not the fault of the actor. This is the director’s fakap, because it is he who always remembers what will happen in the next frame and was in the past, and regulate the actor for it.

And finally. How do you as a person who worked in the cinema evaluate the fees of your film?

I believe that success for my film is 2 million. With our promotion opportunities, these will be very good numbers. They ask me: “Why should people go to your movie?” Because they will see the movie. I can offer nothing more to them.

In the fictitious “Crazy Wedding” they offer Oleg Vinnik, Potap, Monatic, “Polina” offered Jean Reno in “Foxster and Maxi” offer special effects. I have only a movie without special effects, without Jean Renault, only with Akhtem Seitablaev. Partly in the Crimean Tatar language.

Crimean Tatar drama is for sale difficult. "Donbass" Loznitsy - it was clear what this film was about. "Ilovaisk 2014 Battalion of Donbass" - too. If I called the film “Crimea”, perhaps people would understand what this movie is about, but I don’t want to work like that. It would be a completely manipulative thing, not attached to anything. To understand what “Home” is, you need to do a lot of work. buy sibutramine

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