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Description of films # 420

1. An adventure film tells about people who test their strength in the vast expanses of the Russian north. Many go there in search of gold. Where the tundra ends and the Arctic Ocean begins, there are gold deposits that belong to the Russian state. Seekers of adventure and "yellow sand" go to the territory to find gold and become rich. The outstanding geologist Ilya Chinkov, obsessed with the idea of ​​finding a place where nature hid gold. He is about to embark on a lonely journey to become the first to find the treasures of the Territory.

That's just common sense wins, he alone can not overcome such a distance, and even in such weather conditions. Chinkov gathers a team of desperate gold miners who are ready to put at stake not only everything that they have, but also their own lives. If there is gold in the Territory, then they will certainly find it, no matter what. Terrible conditions, cold, piercing wind and hundreds of kilometers of virgin land, where a human foot has not yet set foot - all this our heroes have to overcome on the way to their goal. Will Chinkov find the very gold he dreamed about?

2. The events of the Japanese horror film take place in an abandoned gloomy house on the outskirts of the city. At the center of what was happening were six high school students. The teenagers were locked in a mysterious country house. There are legends that it is here that a terrible ghost lives, which devours everyone who crosses the threshold of this house. The guys were trapped, from which it seems there is no way out. A terrible blue monster preys on everyone in the building. The teenagers are very scared, they are trying to find a way out and get out of this terrible place.

One by one, the demon devours schoolchildren, who, like driven helpless animals, run around the house in search of a way out. The blue demon, who lives in an abandoned mansion, has a terrifying appearance, he has a huge blue head, large teeth, scary eyes and a long nose. He quietly approaches a man and grabs him with his teeth, there is practically no chance of surviving the victim. With each approach of a big blue shadow, the guys are increasingly desperate to look for a way out of the death trap, because they know when he gets close, someone will surely die. Can anyone even get out alive from the terrible den of the blue demon? Бесплатная парнушка в hd без смс и регистрации

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