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The bad guys went well: All you need to know about the original Suicide Squad

How did it all start?

The team first appeared under the name Suicide Squad in 1959 at The Brave and the Bold # 25. The team was created by screenwriter Robert Keniger and artist Ross Andrew. This detachment had almost nothing to do with the well-known incarnation of the team. Moreover, it was a temporary substitute for the Justice League of America and a mediocre variation on the theme of Challengers of the Unknown. The team consisted of ordinary people whose job it was to solve problems and not ask too much, because the reader should explain the circumstances. At the head was the Year of Flags - ersatz-Lee Marvin, a seasoned tough uncle, with a steam locomotive. They did their troublesome business. Despite the fact that the reality in the comics at that time was in exile (or internal emigration), they usually dealt with much more serious things. Such as:

- fight against ersatz-Godzilla and throw it in the sun;
- ride between a meteor shower on a rocket;
- put on a bag on the head of a giant snake;
- wander through the rain of fire;
- meet the bee butterflies;
- troll the fish;
- observe the landscape "dinosaur skeleton next to the remnants of work";
- do tight water ersatz King Kong;
- appear inside the picture with dinosaurs;
- give a kick to Goliath-Polyphemus;
- wander through the desert to exhaustion;
- collide with people-mirages and fight them in the mirror room like a collective Bruce Lee;
- fight with huge birds with the help of huge matches and massive nuclear strikes;
- hit the reader to oblivion.

These adventures formed the foundation on which the modern incarnation of the detachment was later built (by the way, their adventures are somewhat reminiscent of The Fatal Patrol). Each of the adventures has signs of its turbulent time - the fear of the unknown, which provokes an aggressive reaction; fantastic travels; crazy plans; curved dialogs; huge monsters metaphors of big problems, women magnets for problems; dizzying narrative gambits for the sake of gambits ... Unfortunately, the first detachment could not get much success. They could not get out of the motley background of the then DC line and found themselves in third roles in secondary books, where they vegetated while the world around was nauseating and nauseous.
It lasted until the mid-80s. Immediately after the completion of the "Legends" The squad received its own series, in which Ostrander sold out in full. Subsequently, his wife Kim El joined him and together they brought the Detachment to a new level. But more on that later.

Adventures have become more episodic. There were more big bad guys, even for a moment there was a Deathrock. But the modern Suicide Squad is just an adventure book with vivid characters, inventive stories. She does not need the depth that the team reached during the time of Ostrander.

In the end

The "Suicide Squad" by John Ostrander is a clear example of how you can make a serious comic inside a meaningless world. Perhaps his approach was not properly appreciated, but he was able to win his place "under the sun." Ostrander played on the motley inconsistency of the DC universe, gradually dissociated his heroes from it, brought his own platform and told the finished story without compromising looking at other, “more important” series. And this is exactly what a true author should do. Having decided to buy Vidalista 20 you will definitely not regret it, since this remedy is guaranteed to improve your potency by giving a persistent, pulsating erection and increasing pleasure both from the process itself and from orgasm.

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