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How to play backgammon?

Backgammon is a game that is played on a board intended for this purpose. In order to play backgammon correctly, you need to divide the board into two halves. Backgammon rules imply that you will roll dice and move pieces (checkers) depending on how many points have fallen. You will have to come to the "house" and leave the board first.
How to play backgammon?
You will need a rectangle board. It marks 24 divisions, two sides of 12. They are numbered accordingly - from one to 24. An ordinary board for drafts is quite suitable, but in fact, it is better to purchase specialized boards for backgammon, which the market now offers in abundance.
Basic concepts
House: corner of the board, 6 points. How exactly it is located is indicated in the rules.
On the sides can accommodate territories that will allow the player’s checkers to leave the game.
The board is divided in half. This division is called the "bar." There are options when broken checkers are put on the bar.
Each player has 15 checkers of the same color
You need a couple of dice (it is called "zar"). There can be much more than two, depending on the rates and their increase.
The rules of backgammon are varied. Variations of bets, moves, and other details are innumerable, but there is a general division: long and short.
And the uniform rules are as follows:
The sequence of moves is respected.
The movement is strictly defined.
Who walks first is decided by throwing dice before the game
Each move is determined by the roll of the dice, and the actions are determined by how many points fell.
Each move allows you to advance one, two, three or four times. Each time, the player has the right to move the checker by the number of points equal to the drop on the dice.
The duplicate number is a “prize” and doubles the “rights” of the player.
There are prohibitions on movement. In each case, they are individual, negotiated in advance.
Unused glasses “burn out”. At the same time, it is impossible to advance only one checker, if one fell out well, and the other is "inconvenient", you will have to either act to the detriment of yourself or skip the move.
Those who got into the house have the right to "leave" the board. The movement depends on the number of points scored (for example, the one that stands at point three “waits” until the “three” on the die falls out).
The initial position is variable.
The one with the checkers first at the board wins.
Sometimes an advantage is quoted.
If the game is played for money, then bets are placed for each checker thrown, sometimes for the whole game. Are you want to transform yourself as a TikTok star? Free Tik Tok Buy TikTok likes and buy TikTok fans to showcase your fame to the world

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