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Mass Effect Andromeda - Dragon Nakmore: Krogan's Betrayal # 2

Use the computer to check the recording.

The observation station is right next to Kandros. Use the computer to find out that the recording was damaged - fortunately, we learned that the action was committed by someone from the planet Kadar.

Resist Spender after damaged footage.

Spender can be found on the top floor of the operations center. The conversation will be interrupted, and you will not be able to advance in business.

Find the planet mentioned by the security system

The quest can be completed after you manage to visit Kadar, which is currently unavailable. At this point you will need to continue the main story until you get the opportunity to travel to the planet. You must complete the quest "A trace of hope" and open the next main one - "The Hunt for the Archon". Finally, you can head to Govorkam, the star system that is home to Kadar.

Talk to SAM

As soon as you reach your destination, leave the galaxy map and go to the captain's cabin to talk to SAM. You will receive additional information about your mission.

Investigate Spender's Contact on Kadar

Destination - buildings captured by enemies.

You must land on the planet Kadar. Go to the desert and go to the place indicated by the game in the southwestern part. During the trip, you will receive a warning about the minefield, so you must leave the Nomad and go on foot.

The area is captured by exiles, whom you must defeat. Use large stones to avoid their fire when you go to the buildings. You should also take into account that you may encounter reinforcements.

Look for cover to find traces.

Enter the main shelter room and find a tablet with a message. You get Andromeda's vitality points and find out that you must return to the Nexus.

Search Spender's room and find the scrambler.

Return to the Nexus and go to the upper level of the Nexus: Docking Bay (Common Area). There are several apartments here, one of which belongs to Spender. Break into the apartment. At Spender’s apartment you can find:

three datapads.
The original Model Fighter.
three audiologists (one of them requires confirmation that you want to enter the system).
terminal with multiple messages.
supply chest.
interactive bookshelf.

The most important thing to find is the scrambler, which is hidden behind the big screen. Rotate the camera so you can see it.

Talk to a liaison officer.

Take the tram and go to the Nexus: Operations Center. A liaison officer can be found at the highest level in this area. You may find that the scrambler was in Spender’s apartment, or keep this information for yourself (this choice does not affect the end of the quest).

Talk to the Dragon on the Tempest

Return to Buru and talk to Drack. Thanks to this, you are opening a new Loyalty Mission called Nakmor Drack: the future for our people.

Awards for completing quests: XP, Andromeda Initiative Points, new mission Nakmor Drack: the future for our people is unlocked. viagra moins cher pharmacie https://www.bleuepil.com/utilisation-du-viagra.html arythmie cardiaque et viagra

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