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Home office design mistakes made by black freelancers

There are two extremes freelancers go to when it comes to their first home office design:
- Spending too much money on it (pretty much everything they have);
- Spending not enough money on it (buying the cheapest chair possible and using a cutting board as an office table) black magic love spells .

In the first case the freelancer is hoping to start making good money soon and pay all the bills shortly. In the second case the freelancer is afraid they will not make enough so they decide not to take unnecessary risk. Both approaches to home office design are wrong. They are both bad for future success. They are as bad as black love spells are for relationships. By putting all their money into their home office, freelancers deprive themselves of the right to wait. There is no guarantee they will land a good project any time soon. In the second case, they deprive themselves of the tools needed to become successful. When a freelancer is expecting to fail, eventually they do.

To achieve maximum success, a third strategy black love spells should be used which is best described by the following several rules which have proved to be quite effective in hundreds of home office designs. It has nothing to do with white or black magic, even though these rules, when followed strictly, work like true magic.

Rule number one: MAKE A LIST OF THINGS YOU NEED, including office equipment. You do not have to buy new equipment. For example, a used printer or even PC can be quite good and save you a lot of money.

Rule number two: PICK A GOOD LOCATION. If you think you will be able to work with the TV on or with the kids playing next to your desk, you are mistaken. Loud noises will start to annoy you pretty soon disrupting your concentration and affecting your productivity. So set up your office in a separate room so no one could distract you from work. Even if it has to be in the basement or in the attic, it is still better than sharing your room with anyone else.

Rule number three: BEFORE SETTING UP A HOME OFFICE, BRING ALL THE OFFICE EQUIPMENT HOME. Doing so will prevent you from making a mistake which is very common for beginning freelancers. You will not be mistaken about the space you need for your office equipment. So you will be able to buy the right furniture and arrange the equipment properly.

Rule number four: CREATE A SPACE PLAN BEFORE DOING A RENOVATION. It is quite simple. Perhaps it will take you a few days to figure out the best way to arrange your workplace. So first figure out where you will put your desk and shelves and then start renovating.
Rule number five: AVOID BRIGHT COLORS. For example, red walls reduce productivity by 25%, dark blue walls cause premature fatigue which is also very difficult to recover from after magic black love spell. As for paintings and wall décor, it is unnecessary, unless you are going to meet your clients in your home office. Yes, wall décor will make your office look more stylish, yet you will stop noticing it in just a couple of weeks.

Rule number six: YOUR HEALTH IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY! Make sure your office will not be stuffy and you will have fresh air any time you want. Maintaining a comfortable temperature range is essential, too. The room should have enough light. Any mistakes which can affect your health or wellbeing should be corrected before your first day of work at your new home office. It is quite easy to identify and correct them. Well, at least it is much easier than removing a black magic love spell put by a professional magic practitioner.

Rule number seven: GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO LEAVE YOUR OFFICE ONCE IN A WHILE. People often try to fit as many items in their home office as possible. However, not all of them are good for your productivity and efficiency:

TV – you think you barely look at it when it is on, yet TV steals hours of your time weekly.

Fitness equipment – when you work out and work in the same place, you will start to hate this room as the place where you get exhausted and waste your energy.

A coffee maker or other kitchen appliances –you think having a coffee maker right next to your desk will save you a lot of time but in fact you deprive yourself of one of those small joys of life when you can leave your office, walk to the kitchen, and make some cappuccino or latte for yourself. This is how you can take a break and come back ready to return to work. It boosts your efficiency the way an authentic love spell boosts love.

Rule number eight: KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED. It is one of the key rules for every freelancer to follow. You should be able to forget about all your family and household problems and focus on work to achieve success as a freelancer. Being a freelancer is not a game. It is a job that requires your keen attention and focused concentration. Besides, as a freelanсer, you should be both, your own boss and your lowest-level employee, and you should play all of these roles perfectly.

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