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The phenomenon of cephalization. Part Eight

Like a tiny crystallization center in a supersaturated solution, it transforms, arranges its environment around itself, expanding its sphere of influence. And the more perfect the environment becomes (social and natural), the more it opens up opportunities for the free development of the individual, the richer and more diverse the higher essence of man appears in the world.

It can be said that the whole thing is not in the abilities of a person, which significantly exceed the limits known to us, but in an environment that does not oppress, but vividly manifests these abilities. This probably applies to any kind of development: evolutionary, fetal, mental, social. The influence of the environment is especially vivid and indisputable in a person. Actually, with all its features that distinguish it from animals, man is obliged to the effects of the external (mainly social, public) environment. Even such an important distinction as the developed large brain is revealed mainly not in embryonic development, but later. Before birth, the brain volume of a chimpanzee, a gorilla, and a human being is approximately the same (240, 280, and 320 cm3), and at the age of two, the difference is 3–3.5 times. The anatomical signs of a person are not the most important thing that distinguishes him from animals. Once in the family of monkeys, the human cub will remain a human externally. But in reason, character, skills will be a monkey. A baby monkey in any society will develop to an adult monkey, not only externally, but also "spiritually." Repeatedly conducted experiments on the joint upbringing of a child of a chimpanzee and a human child. Up to one year old, chimpanzees overtook children in their development. But by the age of two, when the child was beginning to speak well, the chimpanzees were hopelessly behind. The person as if leaves from under the power of purely biological laws.

A human cub becomes a man only under favorable conditions (not only energy, but also informational: imitation, learning) of the social (family) environment. A person cannot appear outside this environment. At best, something similar to it will appear outwardly, but completely different in reason, skills, ability, attitude to the environment, and in many other most important, defining human functions, abilities. The hereditary qualities developed in embryogenesis are necessary, but not sufficient for the emergence of a full-fledged person. Anatomically, a person is formed according to the laws of heredity. Perhaps inherited and some properties acquired by his ancestors in the individual development. However, there is so much confusion and controversy in this matter that it is necessary to touch it with caution. If the logic of our reasoning is correct, the deoxyribonucleic acid molecule should carry only some of the information about the future creature, the cell plasma is the other part, and the environment surrounding the cell (for placental, “higher” animals) - the rest (the environment is not only the mother’s organism). , but also those products that secrete cells of a growing organism, the products of the interaction of the fetus with the mother). At one time in the newspapers there were reports of a series of congenital deformities in children caused by the use of a certain sedative drug by the mothers. Deformities were directed - usually affected limbs, hindering their development, and were caused by disturbances in the environment surrounding the cell. Of the fourteen reasons for the deformities of the central nervous system of human and newborn embryos identified by him, only one is intracellular (the “inferiority of germ cells”). Deformities are especially heavy, affecting the fetus in the early stages of its development. Headless creatures or other equally terrible creatures appear, as if they were the result of a cruel and sick fantasy. kamagra 100 mg https://www.kamelef.com/kamagra-ou-viagra.html effets secondaire kamagra

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