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What hinders the self-financing on ships

On my desk lies a bundle of radiograms from ships whose sailors would like to work according to a new method. Unfortunately, we have to deny them so far. The fact is that the terms of the contract, similar to the ship “Vasily Soloviev-Sedoy”, can be accepted only after a survey of the technical condition of these vessels.

Of course, there are problems in the ship's self-financing, and not a small one, but it is better to talk with the captain of the vessel on this subject ...

Why not? We started in Batumi the search of G. Gudoshnik, the captain of the bulk carrier, and soon found him in one of the audiences of the training and production complex of the shipping company in English classes.

“I decided to update my knowledge after the holidays,” said Gennady Petrovich. - And there are really problems with cost accounting. Well, at least, let's start with the fact that very few people believe in our success. Ask, for example, where did we get the big fuel economy? I answer: thanks to the adjustment of the fuel equipment, the elaboration of options for ballasting and loading.

They do not believe, they think that we are specially given a “green street”. I affirm: quite the opposite. We are very dependent on the shipping company, sometimes we do not even find support. Why? Obviously, they understand that if all the vessels switch to cost accounting, the bulky management apparatus that exists now will no longer be needed. To lead a group of 10 vessels such as ours, for example, no more than 15 people are required. So many believe that the old-fashioned way to work for them is safer.

But we do not call for the immediate reduction of the administrative apparatus. Under the current system, this is not possible. There is a need for extensive computerization of management processes, including on ships. There is already an idea of ​​creating a cost accounting coordination center in a shipping company. But from the idea to its realization, as you know, the distance is huge. And you still have to cut the device. As a first step, we propose not to take people for vacancies (as a result of retirement, long trips abroad, etc.).

The lack of a checkbook is also very difficult for cost accounting. All accounts go through the shipping company accounting, and this is sometimes a very lengthy procedure ... I selected the crew directly myself. The backbone, of course, left. I think we have achieved the main thing after all - there is no longer any indifferent in the team ...

Yes, the experience of ship cost accounting in the Georgian Shipping Company is still small. But it has long been known that even one practical step is better than any good conversations. And the example of the crew of the Vasily Soloviev-Sedoy motor ship convincingly shows: cost accounting is the force that contributes to the creative activity of the workforce, the organic combination of the interests of the shipping company with the material interest of each crew member. world http://www.escortslave.com escort

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