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Non-governmental organizations - associations of citizens

Non-governmental organizations are a special form of organization of citizens. This term has been used extensively over the past two decades and is closely related to the concept of civil society. Without an understanding of the concept of civil society, it is impossible to fully understand this term. In addition to the term “non-governmental organization”, the term “association of citizens” is used.

One of the useful definitions of civil society is that it represents "the sphere of institutions, organizations and individuals located between the family, the state and the market, in which people voluntarily participate to promote common interests." The intersection area is a place where state forces (legislative, judicial, and executive) operate and unite business and citizens to create a normative space for democracy, social responsibility and protection of public interests.

The civil society committed to NGOs is:

Space for mobilizing and expressing the interests of individuals and groups
Institutional tool for mediation between conflicting interests and conflicting social values
The ability to express and practice social, religious and cultural beliefs and actions
The ability to limit the state’s inherent tendency to expand its control
The ability to limit the potential of a business to get out of control.
The term general interest in the definition may be different. This may, but may not be acceptable to anyone who works with and within civil society organizations. The important thing is that freedom of speech and freedom of association are important elements in democratic societies that allow citizens to come together and express different interests that may not always be attractive to everyone. An important feature of civil society is that there is a favorable environment in which different views are allowed and desirable, and where organizations or associations of different types are allowed to exist.

Institutes of an enabling environment for the development of civil society:

Executive branch
Judicial branch
mass media
Local government
Independent responsible (audit) organizations, such as:
Election Committee
Human Rights Commission
Anti-corruption Commission
Office of the Auditor General
Attorney General
Civic Associations
Stock market
As you can see, the space for cooperation and promotion of common interests is very large. The main division of citizens' associations consists of mutual assistance organizations (formed by citizens, of which they are members and on the basis of which they receive certain benefits), organizations of general (public) interest (formed by citizens to help other groups of citizens that are not necessarily their own participants) and applicants. Kısa bir süre içinde zengin olmak için Slottica bahis sitesine girin!

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