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Latvia - a unique charm of the Baltic states

The first time I came to Riga three years ago, this city, and this whole small republic made a very good impression on me, and the streets of Old Riga are probably not unique in any European country.
In general, in Latvia, I would single out four main attractions: Riga, Jurmala, the Daugava River and, of course, the Baltic Sea. The Daugava River will accompany you along the entire Braslav-Riga road, and I advise you to stop on the shore, be sure to take a swim and enjoy the beauty of nature along the banks. And when you find yourself in Riga, take a boat or a boat with an excursion along the river bed in the widest place where it flows into the Baltic Sea.
After Latvia joined the European Union, their capital Riga acquired a European gloss and became even more attractive for tourists. The heart of the city is definitely Old Riga, and it is beautiful at any time of the year. Here are the sights at every step - the church of St. Peter with its magnificent tower, which I advise you to climb, the Dome Cathedral where you can listen to organ music, the Swedish gate, according to legend, hacked by some rich merchant who did not want to pay high duties and other interesting places will charm you forever. For lovers of museums - Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Nature, Museum of Navigation, Latvian National Museum of Art. There is a very interesting museum - a black sinister building called the Museum of Soviet Occupation. By the way, there are a lot of Russians in Riga since the days of the former USSR, but if you are in a restaurant, cafe or shop where the service personnel are Latvians, they will basically speak Latvian.
There are many theaters in Riga - the Latvian National Opera, the Riga Russian Theater, the Dailes Theater. There is only one cinema - but a very large “Cinema Forum” with 14 rooms, though all the films there are shown with the original text, so read the subtitles or go to the session with the Russian film. There is also a cinema “Riga”, but I have not been able to visit it. Shopping centers and boutiques surround you all over Old Riga. The variety of nightclubs is also amazing, for lovers of night partying this is a paradise. The most popular is Studio 69 with 3 dance floors and an exceptionally rich interior. Although at night in the "Old Woman" you can visit many other clubs of different styles and directions.
I also really liked the Riga Zoo and Mezapark, for its beautiful nature and national characteristics. In terms of nutrition, you don’t have to think much about it. a large abundance of various cafes, restaurants and eateries will offer you a huge variety of dishes, both local cuisine and exotic. I advise you to visit "Lido", and if you get there in the winter with children, then for them it will be a great holiday.
Next, be sure to visit the famous resort city of Jurmala. I don’t know how anyone, but everything was interesting to me there, so I advise you to arrange a walking tour or rent a bicycle and ride along the streets of this town. You can meet many celebrities on the central Jomas street, especially if it is the summer season. The promenade area of ​​this street during the season resembles a fair, where you can buy various souvenirs and beautiful amber products. Right next to the sea you will see the Dzintari concert hall famous for its New Wave, and next to it are small colored fountains. Strikers straight from the asphalt. And after a couple of steps you are at the Baltic Sea!
The Baltic Sea is considered a cold sea, but I always swim there. Useful air from a mixture of aromas of pine forest and salt sea will charge you with a stream of energy and health. I like beautiful landscapes, the sandy bottom and the complete absence of various jellyfish and sea urchins. Of course, maybe there isn’t much exotic here - but I’m sure you will like it there, and the romance of Old Riga will remain in your memory for a long time ..... Download Free PDF Magazines Online

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