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To all the shit lovers out there, I have a great site to talk about.

To all the shit lovers out there, I have a great site to talk about, the ScatNude.com. This is a premium porn place, or so to speak, because you will have to pay for content, and it is filled with the dirtiest yet hottest scat porn videos you have ever seen. There is a lot for you to explore and a lot for me to explain, so if you are interested to know whether this scat porn site is worth your money, just continue reading.

Great tour page, and lots of premium options.
The first thing I love about scatnude.com is the fact that even without registering and paying for the content, you can kind of see what the fuck to expect. I hate the premium sites that only say what they have to offer, without any actual proof. I guess, it is a good thing that I created my site, where all that shit can be left to me, and I can tell you what to expect from each of those sites.

Of course, if you are not into scat, I am not sure why the hell you are still here. Scat is a porn category, where people explore and share their love for poop. Yep, that exists, but it should not be that weird, since today you have so many different porn categories, that I am not surprised by anything anymore. On the other hand, the scat category has been with us for quite some time, so if you’ve never heard of it, you must be too young for the internet.

At first glance, the site looks pretty normal, and it is very much obvious that this is a premium place. I do wish that it was free, but then again, why would they offer such great content for free? They have to make money somehow, and that is where we come to play. There is a lot of content right off the bat, which means that they are not holding back when it comes to variety.

Sure, they will only offer scat pornography, since the site’s name is scatnude.com, but there is a variety when it comes to delivering the love for poop. You have plenty of videos to go through, and I shall mention that a bit later. First, I shall talk more about the tour and premium sections, prices, and overall options.

If you are not interested in that, you are more than welcome to skip ahead. As I have mentioned, you can easily see that this is a premium site, which is good, since that means that their overall design is not that bad. The tour page is quite giving, and there is a lot for you to explore. They claim to have a lot of videos in their database, and while I did not count, I can surely agree.

If you scroll all the way down, you will have their own introduction, where you can learn more about what inspired them to make this site, how their collection was created, and so on. You can also learn more about scat, but at this point, I think it is pretty obvious that scat is just poop porn… and it includes every variation of that.

What most of you are interested in, is how much is the premium and is it actually worth it, right? Well, I can tell you about the price and what the premium section has to offer, but whether you think that this section is worth it or not, all depends on you. What are you looking for, how dirty do you wish your content was, and are you even able to pay?

Well, there are four subscription options, but this place works in a different way. You can register for free, and choose to upload your own shit videos if that is what you want. Of course, those videos will be reviewed first, and then posted on the site. Now, if you want to enjoy their content, you will be able to do that once you download the videos… and pay.

Great scat content.

This is all a matter of taste, and personally, I am not a fan of shit, but I know that many people are. You are lucky that I can stay objective and review this as a niche I would like to watch. There are loads of different types of clips here, and it is a good thing that they offer the preview of the video before you pay and download.

One of the first clips I checked put featured a dude with a mask tied up, with a toilet seat covering his face. His mistress then came, sat on the toilet and started shitting. He had to take everything, as later she made sure that he ingested all of her poop. Now, that is one very dominant chick, and there were a lot of videos made in a similar way.


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