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Movie description №58

Love in the city 2

Igor wants to introduce his beloved girl Nastya with his father. It was decided to arrange a holiday on the dad's ranch. To make it more fun, the guy invites friends of Artem and Sauna, together with their couples, to go on vacation together. It is the day of departure, the suitcases are packed. On the plane, friends met sociable Americans who spoke amicably about the local mysterious monastery. According to legend, this place can cure any person from infertility. Laughing friends say that they are not yet ready for the birth of children. However, with curiosity they go on an excursion to the monastery. A monk who was there warned the boys that a child would be conceived from touching a sacred idol at the very first sexual act. But friends only laughed at this warning and touched it. True, now they are seriously concerned, but what if the words of a monk are true? Therefore, the decision to abstain from sex is made unanimously. Offended by the coldness of the guys, the girls come back. And then an outraged Valentine appears. As the boys refused the blessing, he sends a spell on them. Now for the one who is the first to sleep with a woman, the child will appear immediately, and the rest will be able to know fatherhood only after 10 years.

Tooth Fairy


Such behavior could not go unnoticed by magical creatures. The real tooth fairies, who at night took away the teeth of the milk teeth from the children, decided to punish the bastard. For a while they turned the hockey player into a little fairy and shared their duties with him. Despite the fact that the man was not at all happy about this incident, he begins to feel warm feelings for the children. Gradually, this love grew into true kindness, and Derek began to understand his past mistakes. But will this be enough to become a man again and return to the big sport, or will Thompson have to remain a tooth fairy forever? Or maybe it will be his voluntary decision? Derek Thompson - one of the most brutal hockey players of his time. On the ice, he constantly used brute force, and his opponents were imprinted in the sides. In addition, most of them lost all their teeth in the fight for the puck, and therefore, Derek began to wear the nickname "Tooth Fairy."

In ordinary life, Thompson, too, was not distinguished by mercy. He behaved rudely towards people and constantly mocked the children of his girlfriend, who treated him with love and respect. בקרו באתר מדליק business-ladies.co.il להזמנת נערות ליווי בישראל

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