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Oxybrizia. A few words about oxygen-water peeling

If you are struggling with skin imperfections and looking for effective ways to revitalize, nutrition and strengthening, one of the innovative methods in cosmetology is oxybrazia. This popular procedure is a soft and contactless alternative to mechanical exfoliation, which provides excellent support for sensitive, vascular or prone to allergies. Check what is worth knowing about oxiabrazia before making a decision on the procedure. The oxygen microdermabrasis or oxygen-water peeling is an exfoliating procedure in which the air flow (hyperbaric oxygen) and physiological solution are used to remove dead epidermal cells. Thanks to this modern technology, the procedure provides comprehensive skin care - it refreshes, deeply saturates with oxygen and moisturizes the skin, and also cleanses and rejuvenates it. The conciliate method of skin cleaning using oxybraces
Oxybrazia is a type of mechanical peeling, therefore, a compressed stream of physiological solution and oxygen applied by a special nozzle is used to remove the dead layer of the epidermis. Under the influence of pressure, the cornea is exfoliated, acne and anaerobic bacteria responsible for acne are also removed. This stimulates the regenerative processes of the skin and prepares it for the adoption of active substances at a later stage of treatment. The standard procedure affects the face, neck and neckline and takes about 30 minutes. Theoxygse perfectly disinfects the skin - the physiological solution is a sterile saline solution completely safe for it. This mixture of sodium chloride in water does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, cleanses the skin, and is also a good replacement of micellar fluid. In addition, he relieves inflammation on the skin very well, moisturizes and softens it. Therefore, the procedure will especially appeal to people whose skin is prone to dryness and irritation, as well as those who fight acne or seborrheic dermatitis both on the face and on the body. This type of peeling also strengthens the walls of the capillaries due to the fact that this is a “cold” procedure that has a positive effect on the vascular skin, soothing and pleasantly cooling the skin.
The advantages of oxiabrazia
Water-acid peeling is a non-invasive method of exfoliating the epidermis and, in contrast to diamond microdermachab or cavitation peeling, is carried out contactlessly. Therefore, it is absolutely safe, does not cause irritation and does not leave redness on the skin. A painful effect and a decrease in acne rash
It provides the effect of natural skin regeneration and effectively cleanses it, and also reduces the amount of acne. Strengthened by water-acid peeling, it becomes more radiant and elastic. Remochers of wrinkles
The procedure gives good results in the prevention of the first wrinkles, reducing “goose legs”, bleaching and symptoms of photography.
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