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Contact lenses - can you buy them yourself?

Contact lenses are increasingly replacing traditional glasses. It is not surprising, because this is a more convenient option, especially valued in the summer, when there is a need for additional protection of the eyes from excess strong sunlight. Moreover, in some competitions and when classes certain sports, such a solution is simply necessary. Is it possible to choose contact lenses yourself? Is it possible to select contact lenses yourself?
Contact lenses, which are worn directly on the eyeball, are sold without a prescription in pharmacies and optics. Theoretically, you do not need a recipe signed by an ophthalmologist, but common sense tells the opposite. It is known that the lenses are bought regularly, because it is a product that wear relatively quickly and requires constant replacement. Of course, there is no point in consulting an ophthalmologist or optometrist every time, but it is reasonable to go to an ophthalmologist/optometrist or to a professional optics salon. The reason is very important. No one knows the exact parameters of their own vision and eyes to choose the right lenses. Why can not you choose the lens to yourself for the first time?
The reason why you should not choose contact lenses yourself is the impossibility of accurately determine the parameters of your own vision and eyes. It is also impossible to determine the nature of the surface of the eyeball, which means it is impossible to determine whether there are contraindications to wearing contact lenses. You also cannot independently determine the quality of the lacrimal filter. It is also impossible to determine whether the selected contact lenses are sitting correctly on the eyeball, whether they are too tight or too free. Such parameters can only be checked by a specialist with appropriate equipment. Any such deviations can pose a threat to vision. It is impossible to check whether everything is in order and whether the selected lens parameters are suitable for the eye. The following can be serious. Due to the incorrectly selected correction, a visual defect may increase. In addition, incorrectly selected lenses can cause irritation, which in turn leads to inflammation, which is already very difficult to treat. Игроки могут войти прямо с нашего сайта, ссылка ведет на официальный ресурс и активное рабочее mostbet Выигрыш же можно оформить только при полностью заполненном профиле.

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