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Edge of the Future 2014

Who would have thought that an ordinary, seemingly, trip to the cinema for the film “Edge of Tomorrow” would be so memorable?
Perhaps the only thing I want to say about the film "The Edge of the Future" - I liked the tape damn. And if so, then do not leave the project without analysis! Moreover, there is something to talk about, because this is perhaps one of the best films that I watched recently. Although, there was no such situation that I was waiting for the appearance of the tape for six months and dreamed of seeing it and only her. No, everything was much more prosaic: two hours before the movie show, I chose the project as potentially the most interesting and went to Kinomax. But it always happens that way: you do not expect anything special from the film, you start to look even a little wary, and the project is simply amazing! Although, in the case of the movie "Edge of the Future" played a role not only that. It's just that the film is really worth it, which is stupid to deny.
But the beginning of the viewing was not at all the most impressive. He expected to see the hero of Tom Cruise immediately as a cool warrior, and not some kind of cute military press attache (or who he was there). But as soon as the plot began its curious turns, I could not take my eyes off the screen! The fact that the film in its entirety in 3D is also great, of course, but since I take it calmly, 3D did not play a significant role for me (generally I would rather watch a tape in 2D - my eyes never get tired, and the ticket is much cheaper). I just want to note the fact that from beginning to end the picture was voluminous, although the first films with the implementation of this technology could boast only 15-20 minutes of 3D-picture.
The plot of the film is very interesting, although, of course, the idea is far from new. However, it was arranged so that the tape rushed in one breath. And after all, everything is clear and understandable, no confusion and misunderstanding, as it sometimes happens in films of this kind. Of course, it was not without blunders associated with time movements, however, not a single film project that tells about such things can do without it. In general, a film for the masses, where I take myself as a moviegoer. Especially when you just want a spectacle - watch a movie with your head semi-disconnected and relax!
I also want to note one interesting point: for me the film "Edge of the Future" has become a kind of symbiosis of at least three other paintings. Firstly, the "Star Troopers": there were also cuttlefish invaders, in which they had to shoot for a long time from powerful weapons. This resemblance was obvious. Secondly, the "Source Code" - in general, the idea is the same, only the implementation is slightly different. Thirdly, Oblivion with the same Tom Cruise. He again had to figure out what was going on around him. There is a future, a war with foreign invaders and other details that make these films similar. And despite the fact that there are elements of several film projects at once, "The Edge of the Future" is the best film among all those named.
Watch or not? Definitely the first option. The film is good in every way: an unusual script, high-quality special effects and even a happy ending! What else is needed for those who like to watch spectacular action games? Once again, the movie "Edge of the Future" is one of the best films that I have been able to see in the last few months. And maybe even years. There are some reasons which lead to the Internet acquaintances – lack of time, shyness, desire to choose your only love between many others. Popular web chat with girls who wants to talk to you! Thousands of beautiful girls are online and waiting for your search! Get free trial now no sign up needed. If you just sit in front of your webcam doing nothing the entire time, no boy or girl with want to stick around and watch you do nothing.

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